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Tiago Correia-Paulo

Tiago hails from a small East African town called Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. He was born in the midst of the countries independence, in the late Seventies, and there he spent a fruitful childhood and adventurous teenage years. Sometime in the mid Nineties he moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. There, half pressured by his parents, he enrolled at a University to study Economics and Management. When he wasn't studying he was playing Guitar with three other Mozambicans in a band they had just formed. The band was called 340ml and it's objective was "extreme study avoidance". He is also working as a freelance designer and illustrator for various people in the entertainment industry. Illustrating for magazines, designing album covers, developing corporate identities etc.


Young, gifted with rap. You'd be forgiven for thinking this is hip-hop artist Sizwe "Reason" Moeketsi's moniker. Born in Tembisa and raised in Katlehong, Reason came up as a battle rapper competing in numerous competitions, both official and on the street corner. It wasn't long before Johannesburg began to take notice and he began making appearances on YFM delivering breakfast jingles for DJ Fresh on "The Unrestricted Breakfast Show" in 2005.

Reason's first studio release "The Reasoning", boasting the production talents of Battlekat, Instro, Mizi, Rastic Ras and Ootz The Afronaut, garnered critical acclaim posting 4 stars in Hype Magazine, positioning it as one of SA's highest rated albums in 2010. Reason then joined SA's hip hop brand Kool Out Entertainment as the featured Emcee and host for all Jozi events and has performed with international stars Ras Kass, Qwazzar (Typical Cats), K'Naan, and Masta Ace. In 2011, this "Unsigned Hype" joined Motif Records, marking a new step in his career and will feature his first major label release in April 2012.

The Fridge

A neo-jazz band that forms its sound from the urban space it was conceived in. "Sophisticatedly Easy" in its look and sound, "The Fridge" has few counter parts and many have failed to imitate them. These musicians are young in age yet already experienced as musicians. Their unconventional approach to the iconic genre of jazz is both risky and refreshing. Pushing the envelope and fusing together jazz, African folk and soul sounds. They were the resident band at the Loft in Melville, 7th street from mid 2009 to the end of 2010. The group consists of vocalist Samkelo Ndolomba; Adebayo on Drums and Percussion and Mothusi Thusi on Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar and Flute.

Zaki Ibrahim

Globally distinguished singer Zaki Ibrahim is a conceptual genius.

Transporting audiences to new and forgotten territories is a central part of the Zaki experience. Over the course of two EPs, 2006's Sho: Iqra in Orange and 2008's Eclectica: Episodes in Purple, Zaki's blend of arresting melodies, illuminating lyrics and innovative beats invited collaborations from acclaimed artists and producers such as King Britt, DJ Spinna, Nick Holder, Spoek Mathambo and Boddhi Satva, to name a few.

Zaki, a South African citizen, was born in Vancouver, Canada, and grew up both in Canada's left coast as well as South Africa's Western Cape. Her mother, an English teacher and poet, blessed her with the mastery of language and a gift for imagination. Her father, an exiled, eccentric, freedom-fighting South African, banged out rhythms on her baby chest to lull her to sleep as a child. Hence her confident sense of rhythm and flair for magical spontaneity. "The first lessons I learnt about music were from drumming," she remembers. "And you can't think about drumming when you doing it. Then it becomes something else."

While operating outside the confines of genre, which for her is as ridiculous as racial classification, Zaki has a distinct hip-hop sensibility which she also credits to her father: "He said to me that this would be the thing to hold everyhting together. It's an expression of free thought, like jazz is."

With Every Opposite, Zaki has further distilled her wide-ranging palette into a potent singular strain. She can reel off a list of icons like Michael Jackson, Prince, Lionel Richie, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Miriam Makeba, Bobby McFerrin, Zap Mama, Radiohead, Madlib and J. Dilla counting them as inspiration. Her uniqueness, however, is in her ability to meld those fragments into a cohesive sound.


"Tumi without the Volume is like Mile Davis without Bill Evans, Bob Marley without the wailers - still a powerful, relevant voice." So he says.

Tumi has groomed his repertoire to exceed the singular dimension of supreme MC status. Years spent articulating the South African experience for foreign enquiring minds in a live band context have not only perfected the fluidity of his lyricism but also earned him peers on the international music scene. Cutting edge producers from no less than four continents feature on Whole Worlds. Where the average rapper would struggle to amass such a cutting edge lineup, Molekane's all-round artistry affords him equal standing with such musical giants as jazz virtuoso Sibongile Khumalo (featured on this album on Stage Lights). By the same token, it imparts on him the fortitude to showcase music scene newbies like dance actress and singer Tracey Lee, as well as Qagamba Makula, a poet with whom he has associated since he fronted the poetry collective PERM in the late 90s. Current and universal topics such as insurgency, celebrity, love and monogamy, theme this semi-conceptual album, a collection of narratives from the points of view of several South Africans, expertly put together with classic Hip-hop as the conduit, optimism as the overall sentiment, and with the whole world in mind.


Kung-fu flicks, philosophy and filmmaking all form a part of Perfecto's approach to the art of rhyming. Born in Maseru and raised in Johannesburg and Ghana, Perfecto studied film at the New York Film Academy, an experience that has had a major impact on his creative process. He has a supple flow and graphic lyrics that leap out at you from his darkly atmospheric beats. "It's about issues affecting society and feeling out of place," he says of his content. "I like to keep a raw sense of my interpretation to MCing. My content reminds listeners of how it used to be done and my delivery is from an era that is truly dying."

Take away

Jozi based TAKE AWAY is a Rap project made up of Stan Cooke (Bhubesii) and George 'Wasabi' Boundary (P.O.Box), two rappers/runaway chefs who are running away from nothing to something. Something more progressive and leaning onto the eclectic, their RAP is witty and subjective with a cosmopolitan vocabulary and trans-lingual lyrical content served on a platter of smooth synthesizers and sample based beats.

There are elements of HIP-HOP, LOUNGE, ELECTRO, RAGGADANCEHALL and elusive DANCE in their sound. They are the SUPER MARIO BROTHERS of current music playing with words and tossing references from the world of politics, fashion, contemporary art, 80s & 90s South African music heritage, the streets and the kitchen juxtaposing food and music. Bhubesii is set to drop his solo project on Soundcloud in mid April 2012


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